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Point of Separation

Vegan Thai Green Curry

Vegan Thai Green Curry

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Spinach, eggplants, green beans, mushrooms, and carrots in a savory green coconut curry over lentils. 

Vegan & Gluten Free

Just add boiling water- bag opens up into a bowl, eat directly out of the bag!

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frequently asked questions

What's the difference between freeze-dried and dehydrated?

The freeze drying process allows the water to go from a solid directly to a gas (sublimation) within a vacuum sealed chamber.

Dehydrating circulates air at a low temp for an extended period.

What are the benefits of freeze-dried vs dehydrated?

The main advantage of freeze drying is it has a much longer shelf life, 20 years if stored correctly.

Dehydrated is only about 18 months.

Freeze dried food is also lighter weight, as most of the water is removed. Making it great for backpacking!

Does it really taste the same?

Surprisingly, yes! Most of the nutrients are naturally preserved, too. Making it just as healthy as it was the day we made it fresh!

What's with the aliens?

We're cheeky.